Eco-Translation Services

Eco-Translation Services is a unique translation company

Translation service providers usually charge for every word that is translated, and the texts which may have been translated in the past are often entirely retranslated.

This doubles the costs and often creates a lack of consistency that can be a source of confusion, or dilutes a key message.

Because Eco-Translation Services uses state-of-the-art technology, we can "recycle" texts which we previously translated for a client.

This results in quicker, more consistent and better written translations.

And of course, when we recover our previously translated texts for our clients, we pass those savings on.

Therefore, the more you use Eco-Translation Services, the more potential you have for savings.

Ecologically and economically friendly

Everything we do for our clients is designed to lessen our environmental footprint on the planet - including the use of recycled paper products, electronic document receipt and delivery, e-invoicing, e-payments, toxin free inks, and computer equipment that is either Energy Star compliant, or manufactured from highly-recyclable materials that are free of harmful toxins like BFRs and PVC.

We are also proud that Eco-Translation Services is 100% carbon-neutral with respect to the electricity we use to run our office (through Bullfrog Power)

Being green has never been easier or a better deal

"At Eco-Translation Services, we believe that the 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) can benefit everyone and provide the basis for a sustainable business relationship!" – Denis Couillard

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